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New member of the University Board: I represent all AAU students

New member of the University Board: I represent all AAU students

Christian Juel Nicolajsen is the new student representative on the University Board. He is concerned with student issues and transparency in management decisions. In his two-year term, he will work towards making the student voice heard in the decision-making process.

By Trine Kristensen, AAU Communication. Translated and edited by Pernille B. Haensel, AAU Communication.
Photo: Trine Kristensen, AAU Communication

At the end of February, Christian Juel Nicolajsen will join the University Board at its first meeting this year. He is the new student representative of the University Board for the period 2019-2021. He is looking forward to the task and to promoting student involvement.

‘Above all, I’m working towards making AAU a better and more unified university. When my two years are up, I hope to have contributed to making AAU a more transparent organisation and that more students realise the opportunities we have in various university bodies for making our voices heard. I also hope that I will have succeeded in getting more funds set aside for student-run activities,’ Christian Juel Nicolajsen says.

Experience in student politics

Christian Juel Nicolajsen is a master student in management accounting and he has experience in student politics from the Academic Council and the Study Environment Council at the Faculty of Social Sciences and from the department council at the Department of Business and Management. He is also a member of the board of the Student Society.

In the autumn semester, Christian Juel Nicolajsen has decided to study on a part-time basis to devote his time for board duties.

Calls for input from fellow students

Christian Juel Nicolajsen is committed to the task and is interested in all kinds of input from his fellow students.

He encourages his fellow students to contact him at c.j.n.ub@studentersamfundet.aau.dk.