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Elizabeth Jochum is the Teacher of the Year at the Humanities

Elizabeth Jochum is the Teacher of the Year at the Humanities

According to the students of the Faculty of Humanities, this year's Humanities Teacher of the Year, Elizabeth Jochum, is the type of teacher who makes a lasting impression. Her energy, motivational efforts and commitment are emphasised by the students.

Photo: Julia Spicina

The students at the Faculty of Humanities has selected Elizabeth Jochum, associate professor at the Department of Communication and Psychology as the Teacher of the Year at the Humanities. Elizabeth Jochum is affiliated with the degree programme Kunst og Teknologi (formerly Art & Technology). She is also involved in the Erasmus Mundus programme Media Arts Cultures.

In their nominations, the students emphasise that Elizabeth Jochum is a formidable teacher who makes a tremendous effort in all her teaching activities as well as for her students in general.

She will be honoured at AAU’s annual celebration event on 3 May 2019 where the Teacher of the Year of the entire University will be announced. The Obel Family Foundation will present the award to the winner who will be selected among the five faculty winners.