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AAU student wins second place in European Sales Competition

AAU student wins second place in European Sales Competition

Juline Hilsch from AAU's Master’s programme in International Marketing won the Danish Sales Competition in March. Now she can boast of her runner-up place at European level, too.

By Torben Haugaard Jensen, Department of Business and Management. Photo: Ewouter Blokland

The European Sales Competition was held on 22-23 May in the Netherlands, and International Marketing student at Aalborg University, Juline Hilsch, won second place in the competition.

The European Sales Competition aims to create a pan-European alliance of mercantile study programme across Europe's universities and improve students' sales skills. Participants compete against each other in creating the best sales situation in a fictitious case.

Mickel Dielissen, senior lecturer at Avans University of Applied Science, is one of the organisers of this year's competition. He praises Juline Hilsch for her performance, which, according to him, was only an inch from the winner’s performance: 

‘Juline Hilsch gave a great pitch for over a hundred critical viewers and a professional jury. She put the customer in the centre, gave a pitch that was to the point and relevant and did this in an open and pleasant style,’ says Dielissen.

An Experience for Life

Julie Hilsch is proud and overwhelmed to win second place in a competition at European level. Her participation is an experience for life and has enriched her both professionally and personally. In particular, she points out meeting the many people and having the possibility of networking with them in the future as something very positive:

‘I collaborated with amazing coaches and met interesting students and business representatives from all over Europe. This great network goes beyond the competition itself and we can all support and inspire each other for future projects and collaboration,’ Hilsch explains.

Brigita Holendova, who won the Danish Sales Competition together with Julie Hilsch, won an impressive fourth place at the European Sales Competition.

Read more about the European Sales Competition on the competition website


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