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Vbn.aau.dk replaces personprofil.aau.dk

Vbn.aau.dk replaces personprofil.aau.dk

From the end of April, vbn.aau.dk will be the only place where AAU staff profiles will be shown. Previously, personal staff profiles could also be found at personprofil.aau.dk, but this system will now be closed.

By Marianne Fuglsang Welling Farsinsen, AAU IT Services (ITS). Translated and edited by Pernille Budde Haensel, AAU Communication
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By the end of April, vbn.aau.dk will replace personprofil.aau.dk. Both systems retrieve data about AAU staff from the same system, that is PDS (the Person Data System of Aalborg University). In the phase out of personprofil.aau.dk, there is no risk of loosing data.

VBN as first choice 

The software behind personprofil.aau.dk can no longer be updated, which causes technical problems in relation to other systems. At the same time, the VBN portal has been expanded and is therefore an obvious first choice.

‘VBN also has the advantage of automatically showing all publications connected to the AAU profile. This is a great benefit for our researchers who are now sure to have their publications and contact details shown together,’ says Axel Kellermann, project manager for the phase out at AAU IT Services (ITS).

Taking care of other functions

Presently, personprofil.aau.dk is the access point for PDS where AAU staff can add information to their profile and keep track of their holidays. From now on, the access point will be pds.aau.dk.

ITS is currently looking at all other functions of personprofil.aau.dk to ensure that the transition will be as smooth as possible.