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The programme for the 2019 Teaching Day is out

The programme for the 2019 Teaching Day is out

PBL 2.0 and study intensity are the overall themes of this years’ Teaching Day, which will be held on 8 May in Copenhagen and 9 May in Aalborg.

By Tine Corfitsen, AAU Competence Development. Translated by Pernille Budde Haensel, AAU Communication
Photo: AAU Competence Development

The Strategic Council for Education has chosen PBL 2.0 and study intensity as this year’s overall themes for the Teaching Day 2019. All AAU teaching staff are invited to the annual conference which takes place in Copenhagen and Aalborg.

The conference aims at providing teaching staff inspiration and new knowledge as well as networking opportunities.

Two keynotes on PBL in the digital age

This year, we are fortunate enough to have two keynote speakers:  Professor Tony Bates from Canada will discuss the importance of PBL in relation to the skills needed in the digital age and how to design teaching models for the future. Professor Jan Damsgaard from CBS will focus on the digital transformation of PBL and discuss how PBL and digitalisation can prepare the students for tomorrow’s labour market. Both keynote speeches will be in English.    

Workshops, awards and poster session

The conference also includes workshops such as Blended Learning, Study Intensity and PBL 2.0 and Presence through Voice.

This year’s AAU Teacher of the Year will be presented at the conference and give a brief inspirational talk. The programme concludes with a poster session on PBL projects and a reception.

The programme is available on the AAU Competence Development website and also contains information in English.

Teaching Day 2019

The conference will be held in Copenhagen and Aalborg on the following days:

Copenhagen: 8 May 8:00-16:30

Aalborg: 9 May 8:00-16:30

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