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New funding opportunities derived from COVID-19

New funding opportunities derived from COVID-19

In relation to the COVID-19 situation, new funding opportunities are opening up. Many fields of research can contribute to solutions in the context of the far-reaching crisis. To help the researchers, local fundraisers in the departments and Fundraising and Project Management (F&P) at AAU Innovation keep an eye on the development and continuously updates the new opportunities on www.funding.aau.dk.

Text: Mona Bjørn, AAU Innovation

In addition to funding for the health sciences, there are a many other societal aspects of the COVID-19 crisis. At the Faculty of Humanities, several researchers have begun to think their research in that direction in order to contribute with new knowledge and solutions.

- The crisis affects many sectors. Although medical science is of course the focus here and now, one can imagine that funding sources are or will become aware of e.g. psychological aspects of the crisis or Big Data methods in relation to mapping infection. The entire experience and tourism sector is also affected, says Anette Therkelsen, Vice Dean of Research at the Faculty of Humanities.

Proactive action towards foundations

In general, opportunities are beginning to emerge for several disciplines within the COVID-19 agenda, which can be influenced through proactive efforts towards the funding sources. The calls have very short application deadlines, few days or weeks, and corresponding short review periods. Urgent action is necessary and F&P fundraisers are ready to give support to researcher , who wish to apply.

On behalf of the researcher, fundraisers set up a dialogue with the funding sources in order to make sure that project proposals are compatible with the calls in question and thus increase the chances of funding.  

- Now that the situation makes it relevant for funding sources to contribute with good initiatives, we as a university should be aware of the value of direct contact with the funding sources. With a specific idea and the right profile you might be able to make someone interested in supporting a project, says Head of Research Support, Charlotte Pedersen Jacobsen.

F&P monitors funding opportunities and updates its website on an ongoing basis. In addition to keeping oneself well informed about activities and new calls on the aforementioned website, researchers can seek advice and support from their local fundraisers in the departments and F&P.

Contacts and information

Direct link to COVID-related funding opportunities 

Contact F&P, AAU Innovation, funding@adm.aau.dk

Contact the local fundraisers in the departments at AA