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Help design the programme for the 2020 AAU Learning Day

Help design the programme for the 2020 AAU Learning Day

All AAU teaching staff are invited to have their say in the workshops and posters featured on this year’s annual conference on teaching and learning, AAU Learning Day, which takes place on 5 May in Copenhagen and on 6 May in Aalborg.

By Tine Corfitsen, AAU Competence Development. Translated by Louise Hartmann, AAU Communication Photo: AAU Communication

The overall theme of the 2020 AAU Learning Day is diversity and interaction and the aim of this theme is to explore the diversity of individuals and their cooperation in relation to learning and study environment for teaching staff and students.

With the call for workshops and posters, the interaction starts now. The posters and workshops need to fall under the overall theme of the conference and may be based on, but are not limited to, the following themes:

  • Digital vs. analogue teaching: tools, possibilities and limitations
  • Megaprojects and interdisciplinarity: experiences, perspectives and setting-up
  • PBL – diversity as a strength rather than an object of conflict
  • The influence of physical space on learning
  • Feedback and discussion with colleagues
  • Well-being (e.g. conflict resolution in study groups or management of students with physical or mental challenges)
  • Project supervision
  • Sustainable Development Goals in education
  • Design Thinking as a method for pedagogical innovation
  • Progression in project work

Call for workshops AND posters

All AAU teaching staff are invited to share their teaching experience and challenges, preferably with a focus on practice, discussion and co-creation.

You may host an entire workshop by yourself or share a full workshop session with a colleague. The duration of a workshop session is 1½ hours.

Participants who wish to submit a poster proposal will be able to engage in conversation with conference participants during a poster session in the middle of the day.

Workshops and posters may be submitted in either Danish or English.

If you wish to contribute to the conference and share your experiences and challenges with your colleagues, please submit one of the below templates to tco@adm.aau.dk:


Submit your contribution no later than 3 February 2020. The distribution of workshops and posters will be announced in early March 2020.


You can find more information about the event and download the description of the call for workshops and posters on the conference website.