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Special advisor Anne Bisgaard Pors is running for the University Board

AAU Elections 2019: Five questions for candidate Anne Bisgaard Pors

Following a turbulent few years, AAU is in need of long-term stability. That is the view of special advisor Anne Bisgaard Pors. As a member the University Board, she will work to restore a respect for and appreciation of the expertise of the technical and administrative staff and the contribution they make to providing the university’s core services.

Name of the candidate, job title, place of employment at AAU:

Anne Bisgaard Pors, Special Advisor, AAU Innovation.

Why are you running for the University Board?

I want to represent the voices of the technical and administrative staff. The role of technical and administrative staff representative on the University Board demands deep humility and respect for how large this group of staff is and how broad a mandate one has. As such I consider it an essential task to gather knowledge about developments in and around the university and what issues the technical and administrative staff consider important. I consider it essential that a technical and administrative staff representative both speaks to and speaks up for this group of staff. 

In real terms, a vote for me will be a vote for a representative who will prioritise a regular and ongoing dialogue with all technical and administrative staff union representatives and an annual meeting with the staff themselves. A representative who welcomes the input of technical and administrative staff regarding the work of the University Board and who is keen to keep staff up-to-date on the board’s activities.

In your opinion, what is AAU's biggest challenge?

As I see it, our biggest challenge is stability. I would like to contribute to guiding the board towards working with long-term stability in the conditions for the university to carry out its work, i.e. long-term economic stability and stability in terms of the conditions and direction for the university. AAU has been through a long period of financial and structural turbulence in a shifting political climate. In my opinion, what the university needs most of all right now is long-term stability.

How can the identified challenge be addressed?

The way I would go about achieving this is to ensure that the framework, conditions and policies in place complement one another in a way that gives the university the best possible basis for stability and direction. Stability does not mean that the university grinds to a halt. On the contrary, to my mind stability means that I need to work for fair and ongoing conditions conducive to the university providing its core services; placing an emphasis on conditions which enable technical and administrative staff to apply their expertise and contribute to the university providing these core services; research, education and knowledge collaboration.

Why vote for you?

A vote for me is a vote for influence. I operate at all times on the principle that my mandate is only as strong as the dialogue I have with the people who have given me the mandate. In light of this, I think it is important that the technical and administrative staff representative on the board makes a real effort to keep staff updated on developments and maintains a close dialogue with staff to ensure that the decisions taken by the board take into account the interests of these staff.

I have a broad range of experience from the various positions I have held at AAU, including at the Department of Electronic Systems, the International Office in AAU Shared Services, at the Network Centre under the Faculty of Engineering and Science Faculty Office, and I am now employed at AAU Innovation. I am well-acquainted with the university’s student grant system, and in the role of union representative, I have sat on the board of a range of State Educational Grant and Loan Schemes and faculty collaboration committees, and am currently the vice-chairperson of the Central Liaison Committee. This has given me a broad understanding of the university’s organisation, its various job areas and the technical and administrative staff as a group. I should also add that, were I to be appointed to the board, I would pass on the mantle as representative and vice-chairperson of the Central Liaison Committee in order to ensure a democratic and fair distribution of influence and impartial carrying out of duties. 

What is your key issue?

The key issue as far as I am concerned is to achieve long-term stability by ensuring the university is able to provide its services. I will highlight the importance of the expertise of the university’s technical and administrative staff by working to restore a respect for and appreciation of this expertise and the contribution these staff make to providing the university’s core services.

Through regular contact with technical and administrative staff, I will invite input from staff and draw attention to the contribution they make to the university, and ensure that it is incorporated into work of the board.