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Megaproject conference

Megaproject conference

Do you want to be part of something bigger?


05.02.2020 kl. 13.00 - 16.00


Megaprojects at AAU is a way of taking your own semester project to the next level, by adding the input of other disciplines, while also addressing the UN sustainable development goals (SDG’s).

At this conference you can learn about your possibilities for participation in a megaproject. You will

  • Hear about the challenges of the two current megaprojects
  • Meet the AAU advisors of the challenges
  • Meet collaborators from the municipality of Aalborg
  • Learn about the SDG’s
  • Meet other students interested in the megaprojects

Read more about megaprojects at www.megaprojects.aau.dk


13:00 Pro-rector Inger Askehave: Welcome

13:10 Aalborg Municipality councilor Lasse P.N. Olsen

13:15 Diploma ceremony

13:30 Philosopher of Sustainability Asbjørn Riis-Søndergaard

14:00 The megaprojects concept

14:15 Megaprojects and challenges in the spring of 2020

14:30 Challenge session: Visit the different stands and hear about the ones you are interested in. There will be time to visit up to five challenges.

15.30 Questions and summary

16.00 End of conference


Canteen, Rendsburggade 14, 9000 Aalborg. Video from the conference will be available afterwards at www.megaprojects.aau.dk