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Editors on AAU’s events calendar

If you’re organising an event that you’d like to add to the events calendar, please contact one of the editors from your department/unit. Find your contact person in the lists below of all editors:

Department editors

Danish Building Research Institute (SBi)  


Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology  


Department of Business and Management  


Department of Chemistry and Bioscience  


Department of Civil Engineering  


Department of Clinical Medicine  


Department of Communication and Psychology  


Department of Computer Science  


Department of Culture and Global Studies  


Department of Electronic Systems  

Department of Energy Technology  


Department of Health Science and Technology  


Department of Law  


Department of Learning and Philosophy in Aalborg  

Department of Learning and Philosophy in Copenhagen  

Department of Materials and Production  

Department of Mathematical Sciences  

Department of Physics and Nanotechnology  


Department of Planning in Aalborg  

Department of Planning in Copenhagen  


Department of Political Science  

Department of Sociology and Social Work  

Campus editors

AaU Copenhagen  

AaU Esbjerg  


Faculty editors

Faculty of Engineering and Science


Faculty of Humanities  

Faculty of Medicine  


Faculty of Social Sciences  

Technical Faculty of IT and Design 

Contact AAU Communication

If you have any questions about the AAU events calendar, please contact: